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Development of an Occupational Cognitive Failure Questionnaire (OCFQ): Evaluation validity and reliability (45429 Downloads)
The relationship between organizational culture and job satisfaction and job burnout among the employees in Tabriz University (16051 Downloads)
Toxic response of occupational exposure to ethylene oxide, with particular reference to its respiratory effects (15136 Downloads)
The relationship between Job Satisfaction and HSE Performance of Employees in a molding industry (12053 Downloads)
Strategic performance evaluation of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) based on Balanced Scorecard (BSC), the case study of a corporation in energy industry (11246 Downloads)
Job stress and its related factors in accountant employees of Qazvin University of Medical Sciences (10982 Downloads)
Safety Risk Assessment in Mass Housing Projects Using Combination of Fuzzy FMEA, Fuzzy FTA and AHP-DEA (10909 Downloads)
Study of nitrite and nitrate levels in meat products distributed in Kermanshah (10636 Downloads)
The Role of HSE management System in Improving health, safety and environment performance in an Oil Organization (10583 Downloads)
Safety Risk Assessment by using William –Fine method with Compilation Fuzzy DEMATEL in Machining Process (10553 Downloads)
A survey of effect of job stress on general health and job performance on Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) (10159 Downloads)
Control of Human Error and comparison Level risk after correction action With the SHERPA Method in a control Room of petrochemical industry (8759 Downloads)
Investigation of Maximal Aerobic Capacity and Associated Factors in Firefighters (8617 Downloads)
Estimation of economic costs of accidents at work in Iran: A case study of occupational accidents in 2012 (8598 Downloads)
Health Risk Assessment of Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories of Qom University of Medical Sciences (8252 Downloads)
Associated Factors with Safety Principles Precaution of Working with Chemotherapeutic Agents among Ahvaz University of Medical Sciences Nursing Staff (8218 Downloads)
Identification of the Human Errors in Control Room Operators by Application of HEIST Method (Case Study in Oil Company) (7776 Downloads)
Assessment of reliability and validity of a new safety culture questionnaire (7455 Downloads)
Assessment of anxiety prevalence and its contributing factors in female medical students of Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 2010-2011 (7362 Downloads)
Explosion risk analysis on Town Border Stations (TBS) of natural gas using Failure Mode & Effect Analysis (FMEA (and Fault Tree Analyses (FTA (methods. (7137 Downloads)
Investigating the Relationship between Workaholic and Dimensions of General Health in the Employees of an Organization in Isfahan (7107 Downloads)
Risk evaluation in the workplace using fuzzy multi-criteria model (6978 Downloads)
Survey of Emergency Exit Indices in Selected Hospitals of Shiraz Medical University (6954 Downloads)
A New Method for Contractors HSE Ranking at the Pre-Contract Stage Based on Contract Level (6954 Downloads)
Design and Establishment of an Integrated Safety and Preventive Maintenance System for Improving Safety Indexes (6829 Downloads)
Determination of variables and anthropometric indicators for classroom chair design (Study group: Tehran University medicine science – 2011) (6687 Downloads)
Toxic Effects of Formaldehyde Vapors on Testicular tissue and Sperm (6644 Downloads)
Evaluation of Change Schedule of Organic Vapor Respirator cartridges in a Petrochemical Industry (6618 Downloads)
A survey on hazardous materials accidents during road transport in Iran (6528 Downloads)
Health, safety and environment risk assessment in gas pipelines by indexing method:case of Kermanshah Sanandaj oil pipeline (6424 Downloads)
Risk assessment in a foundry unit by energy trace and barrier analysis method (ETBA) (6418 Downloads)
Determination of quality and quantity textile industry wastewater located in 21 area (zone) and comparison their effluent with environmental protection organization standards in 1389 (6386 Downloads)
Ergonomic assessment of musculoskeletal disorders risk level among workers of a petrochemical company (6269 Downloads)
Evaluation of chlorine dispersion from storage unit in a petrochemical complex to providing an emergency response program (6268 Downloads)
The Relationship between Job Stress with Turnover and Task Performance with Consider the Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction (6194 Downloads)
Survey of pulmonary functions' curves in Asbestos Cement production plant workers (6187 Downloads)
Human erroranalysis among petrochemical plant control room operators with human errorassessment and reduction technique (6025 Downloads)
Risk Analysis of Automated Excavation Operations by Energy Trace & Barrier Analysis Method (5937 Downloads)
Predicting the occupational accidents of Tehran's oil Refinery based on HSE using fuzzy logic model (5812 Downloads)
Study of Occupational Exposure to Static Magnetic Field and its related health effects in Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI´s Units (5760 Downloads)
The survey of sleep quality and its relationship to mental health of hospital nurses (5732 Downloads)
Study of ultraviolet radiation emissions from commercial compact fluorescent lamps (5731 Downloads)
Evaluating the reliability of WBGT and P4SR by comparison to core body temperature (5653 Downloads)
Review the Proportion of university seats with body dimensions of students at the School of Public Health of Qazvin University of Medical Sciences in 1388 (5612 Downloads)
The impact of job rotation on nurses burnout in Ayatollah Kashani hospital, Tehran: A case study (5607 Downloads)
Respiratory symptoms and functional impairments induced by occupational exposure to formaldehyde (5573 Downloads)
Presentation of a practical framework for performance assessment of HSE in construction contractors (5570 Downloads)
Performance Assessment and analysis of national building codes with fire safety in all wards of a hospital (5530 Downloads)
Musculoskeletal disorders among video display terminal (VDT) workers comparing with other office workers (5502 Downloads)
Brainwave recording protocol in human samples: Neuroerogonomics studies (5362 Downloads)
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