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The Relationship between Job Stress with Turnover and Task Performance with Consider the Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction (24213 Views)
The relationship between organizational culture and job satisfaction and job burnout among the employees in Tabriz University (19307 Views)
The impact of job rotation on nurses burnout in Ayatollah Kashani hospital, Tehran: A case study (17667 Views)
The Risk Assessment of Related Factors of Hand Activities in Automotive Industry (17444 Views)
Determining Service Life of Respirator Cartridges Using a Simple and Practical Method: Case Study in a Car Manufacturing Industry (16720 Views)
Validity and Reliability Farsi Version Cornell Musculoskeletal Discomfort Questionnaire (CMDQ) (16639 Views)
Health Risk Assessment of Harmful Chemicals: Case Study in a Petrochemical Industry (16354 Views)
Occupational stressors in nursing (16306 Views)
Assessment of reliability and validity of a new safety culture questionnaire (15867 Views)
Survey of Employees' Safety Attitude in a Teaching Hospital Tehran 2010 (15089 Views)
Musculoskeletal Injuries and Their Associated Risk Factors (14938 Views)
Development of an Occupational Cognitive Failure Questionnaire (OCFQ): Evaluation validity and reliability (14923 Views)
Job stress and its related factors in accountant employees of Qazvin University of Medical Sciences (14902 Views)
Human erroranalysis among petrochemical plant control room operators with human errorassessment and reduction technique (14750 Views)
Toxic response of occupational exposure to ethylene oxide, with particular reference to its respiratory effects (14373 Views)
Investigating the Relationship between Workaholic and Dimensions of General Health in the Employees of an Organization in Isfahan (14005 Views)
The Moderating Role of Self- Efficacy in Relationship between Occupational Stress with Psychological Health and Job Satisfaction of Saderat Bank's Staffs of Tabriz (13838 Views)
Evaluation of respiratory toxicity of fiberglass dust (13797 Views)
Investigation of the variation ofurine densityas abiomarker of dehydrationconditionsin workers employed in hotworkplaces (13757 Views)
Health, safety and environment risk assessment in gas pipelines by indexing method:case of Kermanshah Sanandaj oil pipeline (13747 Views)
Performance Assessment and analysis of national building codes with fire safety in all wards of a hospital (13671 Views)
Child safety in parks' playgrounds (a case study in Tehran’s sub-district parks) (13653 Views)
Study of lead effects on the mental health of tin laborers in a carmaking company of Tehran city 2007 (13596 Views)
Assessment of musculoskeletal disorders in a manufacturing company using QEC and LUBAmethods and comparison of results (13142 Views)
Asurvey on depression and its related factors in Nurses who work in Namazi Hospital of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences-2008 (13097 Views)
Evaluation of risk factors causing work - related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDS) in kerman bakery workers by OCRAIndex method (12942 Views)
The effect of safety education based on Health Belief Model (HBM) on the workers practice of Borujen industrial town in using the personal protection respiratory equipments (12923 Views)
Musculoskeletal disorders among video display terminal (VDT) workers comparing with other office workers (12823 Views)
Citation and quantitative analysis for articles of scientific- research journal of “SALAMAT KAR- E- IRAN”, Tehran University of Medical Sciences (12793 Views)
Exploring the relationships between the burnout and psychological wellbeing, among teachers while controlling for resiliency and gender (12604 Views)
Assessment of the human error role on work accidents and the effect of education, involvement and workerbehaviourmonitoring on accident frequency and severity in Petrokaran Company (12372 Views)
Asurvey to the infection control in beauty salons in Shiraz (12314 Views)
Control of Human Error and comparison Level risk after correction action With the SHERPA Method in a control Room of petrochemical industry (12263 Views)
Assessment of relationship between Macro Ergonomic conditions and employees work satisfaction Touse-eh and Omran factory (11933 Views)
Risk assessment in a foundry unit by energy trace and barrier analysis method (ETBA) (11932 Views)
Organizational commitment and job quitting among staff in Administrative chancellery of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (11864 Views)
Occupational Noise (11814 Views)
Performance of profiled noise barriers covered with welled diffusersurfaces (11792 Views)
Ergonomic risk assessment by REBA method (11769 Views)
Musculoskeletal Disorders study in damming construction workers by Fox equation and measurement heart rate at work (11613 Views)
Reinforcing model of feeling of energy, empowerment and employees' creativity through ethical leadership (11585 Views)
The survey of relation between Musculoskeletal Disorders and Anthropometric Indices in the bus drivers in Isfahan (11558 Views)
Analyzing occupational lung disease among turquoise miners (11516 Views)
Survey of occupational high risk behaviors leading to infection in sweepers working in one of the districtsof Tehran municipality in 2009 (11455 Views)
Investigation of effective factors on risk perception and proper use of respirators in a petrochemical industry (11287 Views)
Determination of hazard distance of chemical release in a petrochemical industry by chemical exposure index (CEI) (11196 Views)
Investigating the relationship between demographic and occupational factors with the intensity of nurse legs varicose veins in Amol hospitals (11167 Views)
ASurvey of causes of occupational accidents at working place under protection of Yazd Social Security Organization in 2005 (11133 Views)
Designing a portable static anthropometry device (11127 Views)
The Study of Implement of HCS Program at Hazardous Chemicals Knowledge and Safety performance in Tehran refinery, s laboratory unit (11033 Views)
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